Working Holiday Visa (2)

I know when you get into Australia it can be daunting and hard to balance working, travelling and having fun…which is ultimately the reason that you left home for. It is important to understand the restrictions of your visa and make sure that you are playing within the rules. I know playing to the rules … Read more

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employee future

There has been a lot of talk in the news recently about the change in the way employees see their future career. Facebook and Google now paying up to $20,000 for female staff to freeze their eggs to make sure that they keep their best staff on board Virgin is now not tracking employees holidays … Read more

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At Quay Appointments we will use any excuse to get dressed up and have some fun together. Last week was Halloween. Emails were circulated around the office about the celebrations throughout the week. Articles about food ideas and Halloween costumes were sent to encourage the team to participate and get creative. We ran a best … Read more

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Smoking article

We all know the facts behind smoking and the reason it kills blah blah blah. But this week Camel stopped employees from smoking in their own office they did this to “better accommodate for non-smokers” this got me thinking; look at it from a different perspective… A smoker takes 2 weeks extra holiday per year … Read more

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Diwali celebrate culture

We are similar to many offices throughout the world…We have employees from all backgrounds, countries and religions. So on the 17th October we celebrated Diwali as an office. This gave us a chance to learn about the meaning behind Diwali and give everyone in the office the chance to get involved. How did we get … Read more

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you brand

I run workshops for groups of people who work in medium and large organisations — be they leaders, high potentials, or a team or division. And the question I most ask of my workshop participants is “what are the attributes of a peak performer?” I explain that by ‘peak performance’ I mean ‘peak’; not just … Read more

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What is your Halloween Resolution-

So Yes…It is October but I am still going to ask the dreaded question…What is your New Year’s Resolution? How many resolutions have you made that you have simply forgotten about? Well I would like to start a revolution. I would like to start the thought process right now. Make it your Halloween resolution then … Read more

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Looking for a job-

Looking for a job?

Looking for a job is more than just finding the job you want and applying for it. With a world now obsessed with the internet and social media you, personally can be googled and searched within an inch of your privacy. Follow the step by step rules to making sure that what you are putting … Read more

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Recruitment Algebra (5)

If Algebra + Consulting = Recruitment, then Algebra = Recruitment – Consulting I remember my teacher saying; Algebra is great fun – you get to solve puzzles! Little did I know years later I would be practicing algebra (recruitment) on a daily basis and making a living from it. Now I was never great at … Read more

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What i want to be when i grow up

Last year LinkedIn asked 8,000 professionals what they had thought they wanted to be when they grew up. The survey found that the top childhood dream jobs for men in the U.S. were a professional or Olympic athlete, airplane or helicopter pilot, scientist, lawyer and astronaut. Women said that their top childhood dream jobs were teacher, … Read more

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